414 Columbus Ave San Francisco, CA 94133

Sunday – Thursday  11am – 10pm | Friday – Saturday   11am – 11pm

Closed on Mondays

Daily Menu

Antipasto della Casa (assorted cold cuts, cheese, olives and roasted red bell pepper) – small $16 large $21
Antipasto di Mare (marinated mussels, clams, shrimp and scallops)  – small $21 large $29
Triskelion3-SM-TPPanelle (garbanzo bean fritters) – $9.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPAlberto’s Caponata (house-made recipe of eggplant, olives, and raisins served with toasted crostini) – $8.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPArancine (2 large rice balls filled with mozzarella and meat sauce) – $12.00
Bruschetta (toasted Italian bread with fresh tomato, basil, and olive oil) $ 9.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPCarpaccio di Polipo (thinly sliced marinated octopus) – $16.00
Melanzana Siciliana (breaded and fried eggplant) $11.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPGrilled house-made Sicilian sausage – $12.00
Three house made meatballs in marinara sauce $ 8.00

U.S. Salad (romaine lettuce, tomato, olives, red onion and white beans) $ 10.00
Mixed greens (mixed baby lettuces, shredded carrots and tomato) $ 9.00
Tuna (Sicilian tuna, green beans, tomato and hard-boiled egg) $15.00
Caesar (romaine lettuce, homemade caesar dressing, croutons and Parmigiano) $12.00
-with chicken… $16.00
-with prawns…. $20.00
Spinach (baby spinach, balsamic vinegar dressing, pine nuts and gorgonzola) $14.00
Caprese (fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella) $13.00

Homemade daily special – cup $5.00 bowl $ 8.00
Pastina in brodo – cup $4.00 bowl $ 7.00

Spaghetti Marinara (house-made tomato sauce) – $16.00
Spaghetti Pesto (basil sauce) – $17.00
Spaghetti Polpette (homemade tomato sauce with 2 meatballs) – $18.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPSpaghetti Trapanese (fresh tomato and basil pesto with toasted almonds) – $17.00
-with Sicilian sausage – $23.00
Spaghetti alla Carbonara (pancetta, eggs, and Parmigiano) – $20.00
Penne Arrabbiata (tomato sauce with garlic, basil and red pepper flakes) $16.00
Penne Bolognese (house-made tomato meat sauce) – $18.00
Fettucine Alfredo (cream sauce) – $16.00
Half and Half (spaghetti and ravioli in meat sauce) – $19.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPLinguine Porticello (scallops, rock shrimp, olives and capers in tomato sauce) – $24.00
Linguine Vongole (clams and garlic in white wine sauce) – $22.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPLinguine Pescatora (clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp, salmon and garlic in a white wine or marinara sauce) – $26.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPRigatoni alla Norma (tomato sauce, eggplant and ricotta cheese) – $19.00
Ravioli Bolognese (meat filled ravioli in meat sauce) – $19.00
Lasagna (housemade meat lasagna in tomato and béchamel sauces) – $20.00
Gnocchi Pesto (basil sauce) – $19.00
Gnocchi Bolognese (house-made dumplings in tomato-meat sauce) $20.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPGnocchi al Pistacchio (house-made dumplings in tomato-meat sauce) – $21.00
Pappardelle alla Boscaiola (wide ribbon pasta with pancetta and mushrooms in tomato cream sauce) – $22.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPMelanzana Parmigiana (grilled eggplant with tomato sauce and mozzarella) – $17.00

Petrale Sole Piccata – $26.00
Salmone alla Griglia (grilled salmon) – $26.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPZuppa di Pesce alla Siciliana (Sicilian cioppino) – $33.00

Chicken Marsala – $20.00
Chicken Piccata – $20.00
Chicken Parmigiana – $20.00

Veal Marsala – $23.00
Veal Piccata – $23.00
U.S. Cutlet – $19.00
U.S. Parmigiana – $21.00
Bistecca alla Griglia (12 oz. grilled Angus ribeye steak) – $31.00

All above orders served with your choice of pasta with tomato or meat sauce, vegetables or U.S. fries or mashed potatoes. Additional $3 charge for ravioli or sauce substitution.

CONTORNI (side orders)
U.S. fries – $ 7.00
Mashed potatoes – $ 7.00
Scalloped potatoes – $ 8.00
Sautéed Spinach – $ 9.00
Sautéed mixed vegetables – $ 9.00

Margherita (tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella) – $16.00
Napoletana (fresh tomato, mozzarella and anchovies) – $16.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPRianata (tomato, garlic bread crumbs, anchovies and parsley) – $15.00
Diavola (tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni and red bell peppers) – $18.00
Triskelion3-SM-TPTrapanese (fresh tomato, mozzarella and Sicilian sausage) – $19.00
Ask your waiter about personalizing any pizza
*Additional toppings $2.00 each

House-made Meatball – $12
Sicilian Sausage with bell peppers – $12
Grilled Chicken – $13
U.S. Hamburger – $13.00
U.S. Cutlet – $14.00
U.S. Parmigiana – $16.00

(Sandwiches served on French bread with choice of salad or fries. Add cheese to any sandwich for $2)

Triskelion3-SM-TPCABUCIO Traditional Warm Sicilian Sandwiches
(Baked to order Sicilian bread with your choice of salad or fries)
Cunsato Alla Trapanese (tomato, oregano, anchovies and pecorino cheese) – $12.00
Caprese (tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil) – $14.00
Parmigiana di Melanzana (grilled eggplant, tomato sauce and Parmigiano cheese) – $15.00
North Beach (prociutto with mozzarella, basil and tomato) – $15.00

*Additional $4.00 charge for all split orders
*Corkage fee – $15.00

Triskelion3-SM-TPThe Trinacria symbol on the menu signifies an authentic Sicilian dish. Trinacria means triangle in Italian and refers to the shape of the island of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. The island of Sicily was known as Trinacrium by the Romans, meaning “star with three points.”

“My wife had one of the Sicilian pasta dishes she described as heavenly. Perfect pasta, of course, and just enough sauce to make it really interesting….. not smothered in sauce the way some places do it. She added the made-in-house Italian sausage that was a real treat. Two long, thin links tasted great and really added that special something to the meal. A bottle of house red wine was plenty good and only 25 bucks. We finished the meal with an outstanding espresso. The real deal.”